Factory relocation
In September, Lienpu cooperated with Livzon Group Livzon Pharmaceutical Factory and Kangtian Pharmaceutical
(Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
The new version of GMP was rebuilt in July, and the re-registration of 23 product numbers was completed in December.And obtained a new drug production license and a new GMP certificate
completed the two-party inventory handover
Kangtian Pharmaceutical is coordinated by Guangdong Lienpu Pharmaceutical Investment Co., Ltd.  Xinyu Boda Hengkang Investment Management Center (Limited Partnership) and natural person Mr. Chen Zhenpeng and other three parties acquired KangTian Pharmaceutical's penicillin plant assets and undertake the entry qualification of Kangtian Pharmaceutical Industry.
Both parties entered the stage of enterprise restructuring and restructuring, and completed the equity change in December.
The entire penicillin solid preparation workshop
was relocated to Kangtian Pharmaceutical
(Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
Since January 1st, Zhongshan Lienpu
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been fully operational.
Negotiating equity transfer
New GMP transformation
Full operation
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