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【Common Name】 Amoxicillin Granules


【Characteristics】This product is white, almost white or light-yellow

                                 granules and powder. Smells fragrant and tastes sweet.

【Specification】 (1) 0.125g (2) 0.25g (in C16H19N3O5S)

【Usage and Dose】

Oral. Adult: 0.5g at a time, once every 6 ~ 8 hours, not more than 4g per day.

Children: one day dose shall be given according to body weight 20-40mg / kg, every 8 hours.

Newborns and premature infants were given 50mg each time, and infants under 3 months of age were given a daily dose of

30mg / kg. per body weight.

Patients with severe impairment of renal function need to adjust the dose.

0.25 ~ 0.5g every 12 hours for patients with endogenous creatinine clearance is 10~30ml / min.

0.25~0.5g per 24 hours for patient with endogenous creatinine clearance rate less than 10ml / min.

【Drug Interaction】

1. Probenecid competently reduces the secretion of renal tubules in this product,

Simultaneous use of them could increase the blood concentration of Amoxicillin and prolong the half-life of Amoxicillin.

2. Oxymycin, macrolides, sulfonamides and tetracycline drugs interfere with the antibacterial effect of amoxicillin in vitro,

but their clinical significance is unknown.

Concise Prescription Information

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